Fresh holland roses delivery, anywhere in Czechia

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    • prices in Czechia
    • We sell bouquets for the best prices in Czechia
    • Free delivery
    • Prague, Brno
    • Delivery in Prague and Brno for FREE!
      Delivery around Czechia for 95,- CZK
    • Guarantee of quality
    • and freshness of flowers
      • Every day we deliver quality and fresh flowers from Czechia, Holland and other parts of the world for you.
      • According to our customers our flowers are usually still beautiful, fresh and blooming even after 7 days.
      • What if you buy flowers and it doesn't happen to be beautiful? Unfortunately it may happen, we can change your flowers for FREE!
    • By purchase you'll get
    • 3 beautiful gifts
      1. Satin ribbon in colour of blossom
      2. Nourishment for the full bloom of flowers
      3. We will send you a picture of delivered bouquet
Bouquet can be yours Tuesday from 8 hours.
Rozvoz po celej Bratislave za 6,90 € alebo ZADARMO pri nákupe nad 100 €.

Fresh roses delivery
po celé ČR v Praze a Brně zdarma!

Bouquet can be Yours Tuesday from 8 hours.
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